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151 Front Street Colocation

Our space is your space

If you need a home for new servers or routers, or for your latest cloud computing offering – use our 151 Front Street Colocation facility to connect your servers and routers to the Internet and PSTN.

Frontier Networks state-of-the-art 151 Front Street Colocation facility can provide you with a direct connection to any of our existing carrier neutral colocation facilities. Frontier will worry about sizing, power, cooling and other requirements that drive the cost of IT infrastructure up there really is no better place to colocate your telecom equipment. Our lead data centre, TOR1, is located at 151 Front Street West which is Canada’s premier communication hub for global telecommunications carriers.

Our space is located in this mission critical facility and offers tenants many special features, including unsurpassed levels of security, reliability and connectivity.

Frontier Network’s TOR1 151 Front Street Colocation Facility will help you safeguard mission servers and IT equipment in a highly available facility in the West End of Toronto. Our TOR1 facility is dark fibre connected to 530 Kipling in Toronto to our TOR2 Facility.

Frontier Networks has a long reputation of providing high speed and reliable connectivity to business partners, service providers and enterprise customers.

We have dual dark fibre routes that connect TOR1 to TOR2. Our Internet and Peering at both facilities are incredible.

151 Front Street Colocation Move In Assistance Program

We recognize the ongoing need for good, neutral data centre space, but equally realize that the proposition of picking up and moving your data centre is over whelming with fear of risk, uncertainly and doubt.

One of the risks is financial, reality is, a new space may need to operate concurrently with the old space. Also, during the move, a need for replicated cross connects may prove cost prohibitive when you consider the one-time charges and monthly charges. Many providers also do not allow you to carry a cross connect on a month to month or temporary basis. All considered, you can see why data centres often stay put and suffer in silence.

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How we can help?

Frontier Networks recognizes the risks associated with moving any data centre. We can provide the following assistance:

Project management

We can either assist or lead the entire project management components of your move

Cross Connections

During the ‘move’ any temporary circuits will be defined up-front and any related on-time charges and monthly will be provided as a ‘no charge’ item to assist the move

Move in Month Credit

During the initial move in period, we can accommodate a no charge ‘move in month’ – this will ensure that you monthly budget of data centre expenditures will not have an overlapping month

No One Time Fees!

You don’t like them, we don’t like billing them, so, under a move in scenario, we will make sure that you are insured from any one-time fees. After you move in if you want more power, a new cross connect or a disconnect order for an existing cross connect we won’t have a one time charge – just the normal predictable monthly charge.

Flexible Space

Space and power from as little as 1 rack shelf unit to full cabinet

Flexible Power

Freedom to use power on either Fixed or utilized per AMP billing

Available Broadband Services

We provide truly neutral access to the Meet-me-room and non-preferential access to other carriers

Flexible Services

Access to cloud servers and storage within our space

Flexible Broadband

From within our space you will have access to our own range of Network to Network Interfaces (NNI’s) for Broadband access to transparent links to our broadband providers and peering exchanges

Flexible Voice Services

Access to our global footprint of SIP DIDs and high density Channels

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Flexible Space Options

1U Colocation

  • 1 Gig Internet (Copper 10, 100, 1000) Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (No Transfer Limit) Bandwidth
  • 110V 1 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • 24-hour security

No long-term contract required
No One time Fees

¼ Rack (10U)

  • Quarter Rack – 10Us
  • 1 Gig Internet (Copper 10, 100, 1000) Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (No Transfer Limit) Bandwidth
  • 110V 20 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • 24-hour security

No long-term contract required
No One time Fees – Ever

½ Rack (21U)

  • Half Rack – 21Us
  • 1 Gig Internet (Copper 10, 100, 1000) Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (No Transfer Limit) Bandwidth
  • 110V 20 Amp Power
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • 24-hour security

No long-term contract required
No One time Fees – Ever

Full Rack (42 – 44U)

  • Full Rack – 42 – 44Us
  • 1 Gig Internet (Copper 10, 100, 1000) Uplink
  • 100 Mbps (No Transfer Limit) Bandwidth
  • 110V 20 Amp Power (A+B Power. 2x Circuits with shared total 20 Amp
  • 8 IPs (/29) – 5 usable
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • 24-hour security

No long-term contract required
No One time Fees – Ever

Smart Hand Services

  • Business Hours Support – $100/hr (8:00 am to 5:00 PM EST)
  • After Hours Support – $200/hr with a minimum 2-hour call-out (5:01 PM to 7:59 AM)


  • Hardware replacement
  • Power cycling a router, server and switch and soft-booting a server
  • Device racking
  • Inventorying/labeling of equipment
  • Cabinet cross connects
  • Equipment shipping & receiving
  • Moving equipment within your space and cabinets

At Frontier Networks we value partnerships

Frontier Networks relies on partnerships and referrals from Service Providers, Agents, Sales Organizations and IT Integrators.

If you have an opportunity for our colocation space please feel free to contact us or fill in the form below.

Features of our Space at 151 Front Street

Fibre Conectivity

Our 151 Front Street West features more than 25 diverse fiber-optic points of entry (POE) into the building, offering tenants pathway diversity and total flexibility in terms of service providers. Its location, near the rail lines, a major right-of-way for the national fiber optic loops, further enhances access to national networks.


We offer our tenants access to our highly secure fiber-optic Meet-Me-Rooms which house access points for networks that span the globe. The Meet-Me-Room provides tenants centralized access to an array of service providers and carriers. The Meet-Me-Room is secured with 4 CCTV cameras and access is restricted and secure. It is equipped with an aspirating smoke detection apparatus which is linked to our fire suppression system and water and leak detection system.

Diverse Riser Systems

151 Front Street West touts secure, diverse and redundant pathways which run through the building and connect tenant spaces directly to the Meet-Me Rooms. The riser systems offer diversity for network security and also result in reduced installation costs and time costs.

24 x 7 x 365 Security

151 Front Street West is a highly-secured facility and offers a 24 x 7 x 365 uniformed security desk, CCTV cameras throughout, door entry-card access, a front door “mantrap” for controlled entry and limited, supervised access to all secured areas, including the Meet-Me Rooms and Riser Systems.


A reliable source of primary power is of paramount importance to our tenants’ mission-critical operations. The building features two incoming underground 13.8kV feeds (one of which is fully redundant and can be switched on seamlessly via an automatic protection and control mechanism)

Emergency (Back-up) Power

In order to sustain the load during possible power disruptions (and also to support our tenants during the annual, routine shutdown), the building has twenty-five diesel generators which offer a combined power capacity of 23,165 kVA.


The facility features ”Enwave,” Toronto’s deep-water cooling system. This offers tenants an economical and efficient method of cooling, given their higher-than-normal cooling requirements.

Diesel Fuel Farm

151 Front Street West features 4 environmentally-compliant diesel fuel storage facilities which can house up to 44,000 gallons of fuel for generators. Tanks are both tenant and building-owned. The building’s location on the site permits easy access for both refueling trucks and roll-up generators, ensuring that facilities enjoy 7 x 24 x 365 operation during any emergency.


From LED lighting, to a sophisticated starbus TM system and individually metered power bars for energy management our space has been built out and designed by industry professionals using modern techniques – aimed to save money, minimize carbon footprint and reduce costs for all of us.

Fire Suppression

Our suite has been built out using the state of the art fire suppression techniques. Our cooling strategy provides for diverse manufacturers which include both ceiling and floor mounted units as well, our AC units and UPS are energy efficient.

Chilled Water vs. Mechanical Cooling

Our chilled water line operates on its own private link in the building – meaning unlike other suites in the building, low water conditions are not something we will be faced with.

A satisfied client is just the beginning. We aim to truly astound.

Frontier's colocation services reduced our cross connection fees by over 40%.


The Frontier Move in Assistance Program made planning and executing our move painless and removed any financial risk.

IT Manager

Your space is great. It is bright and new. It is nice to be in a new space. Some of the other spaces in the building are looking tired and old.


Your support is great. It is nice to be able to call Frontier and have you be our smart-hands.

Network Engineer

Your policy on 'no one time fees' is helpful to us. Our previous colocation provider costs were always out of control. It is nice to order services or cross connects without those terrible 'one time' surprises.


Where is 151 Front Street West located?