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Our philosophy = connectivity with a really big smile : )

Frontier provides our clients with the connectivity backbone they need. We offer a range of products sized right, priced right and scalable with your business. Our products range from broadband to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to Security Services and IP Communications for voice, data or multimedia.

A Frontier managed network offers you a single relationship for all of your end-to-end communication needs. This includes design, installation, service management, and customer support.

As a managed network we are completely responsible for remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of your network and equipment. This saves your IT folks from spending time maintaining services that can be provided by Frontier as a fully managed offering.

Over the past few years, the demand for Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) has dramatically increased. More and more organizations are discovering the advantages of running their operations through a private and secure network, as well as the flexibility a VPN connection can afford. With Frontier, your network will always be private, secure and scalable. We offer both Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Broadband VPN.



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Our unique selling proposition.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Our call centre is ‘always on’. We provide extensive remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting

Real-time Monitoring

Our provided router is monitored by the Frontier Network Operations Centre. We alert on outages and performance issues. We call you. We don’t wait for you to call us.

Field Support

Our field technicians are dispatched by the Frontier Networks Operations Centre if a device needs to be replaced. We don’t charge for “day two” support. It’s included.

Easy Upgrades

With Frontier you are not locked in. You can start with a Cable or ADSL / VDSL circuit and migrate up to a 100 Gig Fibre without effort.


Each connection type can be Internet, MPLS, Voice and in some cases layered to provide all three.

No charge Quality of Service QoS Markings

We don’t charge extra for QoS prioritization of your traffic types within our MPLS.

Simplified Billing

Web, electronic or paper bill. Simplified account codes – easy to understand.

One Accountable Vendor (not multiple)

One bill, one company to call and one agreement.

100% Coverage

No matter where your business is located, we have a connection for you.

No Charge Changes

Don’t be afraid to call us. We don’t charge for support or help with your services.

Connect To Us

We have an impressive list of over 19,000 (19,463 to be exact) on-net buildings that we are already connected to.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don’t impose usage restrictive limitations and transfer limits.

Assisted Conversions

We will work with you closely to migrate from your old provider to us.

Zero Financial Risk

Don’t worry about an over-lapping billing period when switching from your old provider to Frontier. We will take care of that.

Super Friendly Support

Highly trained support technicians and help-desk staff. Zero – Four (0-4) hour resolution objectives for any and all issues. Friendly escalation policy and easily accessible management.

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In under 4 Minutes:

What is ours is yours.

Feel free to colocate your critical network elements in any of our connected regional data centres.

Frontier Networks Canadian Data Centres.

Toronto 1

151 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto 2

530 Kipling,
Toronto, Ontario


555 West Hasting St.,
Vancouver, British Columbia,


5562 Sackville Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia


167 Lombard Ave,
Winnipeg, Manitoba


1825 Lorne Street,
Regina, Saskatchewan


17204-114 Avenue North West,
Edmonton, Alberta

Frontier Networks United States Data Centres.

New York

111 8th Ave, New York,
New York


2001 6th Ave.
Seattle, Washington

Frontier Networks International Data Centres.

London UK

2 Buckingham Ave Slough
(London), England
United Kingdom


201 Kent Street,
Sydney, Australia


(Coming Soon)
The Netherlands

MPLS vs. Internet?

Both work but MPLS is better.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Frontier Networks has high availability Internet that can be used to provide dedicated access to your office or for VPN services to your remote offices.

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is delivered through our large national metro footprint of copper and fibre connections into your building or buildings. Our connections are always dedicated and are monitored end-to-end from the Frontier Networks operations centre.

Ideal use cases:

  • Internet connectivity to your office.
  • Intra-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity to your head office, data centre or branch offices.
  • Perfect connection for ‘back-up’ Internet connectivity for your high availability requirements.

Our Billing options include both ‘flat-rate’ billing which provides a predictible monthly charge that will never change or a ‘burstable’ billing which will deliver an ‘always-on’ connection that you can ‘burst’ when you need more bandwidth.

Don’t worry, it’s predictable. You only get a bill if you utilize 95% of the circuit in a month. That’s a lot of bandwidth. Chances are you will need it only for a few peak times in a month.

Business Ethernet or MPLS Access Method

Frontier Networks provides the most secure network possible that you can use to connect your Head office to your Branch offices or Data Centre to your Store Locations.

MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a very secure form of networking that uses ‘labels’ that make traffic decisions. Each label can be a class of service. Examples would include ‘voice’, ‘video’, ‘ERP’, ‘ Accounting’ etc. It is great for branch to head office connectivity and is highly secure. Unlike other providers ours is available on ‘any’ access type.

Ideal use cases:

  • Ultra secure, fast and flexible connectivity for your head office, data centre or branch offices.
  • Super secure, fast and inexpensive way to connect your Retail, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) or Franchise locations.
  • Multi-service connectivity for those looking to run ‘voice’ and ‘data’ on the same broadband connection.
  • Customers looking for a single provider who can connect 100% of their locations regardless of location.
  • Size ‘friendly’ connectivity with connections types in the sub $ 100 to over $ 1,000 price range per location (with full QoS) support.

Everyone would like to use MPLS but traditional providers charge a premium for MPLS and the related ‘labels’ or Quality of Service (QoS) markings. We don’t. We charge the same for our Internet connections as we do for our MPLS connections.

We offer the following service speeds and access types:

100 Gig Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

10 Gig Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

1 Gig Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

100 Mbps Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

10 Mbps Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

Single and Bonded Copper VDSL (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Coaxial / Docsis Business Cable Access (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Point to Point Wireless (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Cellular Data 4G (Best for failover – MPLS or Internet)

A satisfied client is just the beginning. We aim to truly astound.

“Your support and web portal are great. We love the country view of our sites. It is great that we can simply 'click' on a site and see all the related speed and health elements of the link.”

“When it came time to renew with our existing vendor the Frontier proposal demonstrated savings and bandwidth increases. When approached our existing vendor tried to match you and simply could not.”

“Your no charge MAC policy was the main driver in our decision to choose Frontier. We did not want to be 'nickeled and dimed' (again).”

“Our previous vendor's network could not support our Voice requirements. Yours does. Finally, we have a converged national network.”

“Our move to Frontier was effortless. Billing is simplified and we no longer require multiple different vendors in each market.”

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