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What is the benefit of a Frontier Networks provided managed network?

A Frontier managed network offers you a single relationship for all of your end-to-end communication needs. This includes design, installation, service management, and customer support.

Our products range from broadband to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to Security Services and IP Communications for voice, data or multimedia.

As a managed network we are completely responsible for remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of your network and equipment. This saves your IT folks from spending time maintaining services that can be provided by Frontier as a fully managed offering.

What is the benefit of Frontier Networks provided Cloud and Private Cloud infrastructure solution?

The cloud, or Private Cloud in the case of Frontier is emerging to address file storage needs of companies of all sizes. As your data, storage and retention needs continue to grow, Private Cloud could be a good option for many organizations. If you have a critical file serving requirement and you move it into the cloud it is virtually available, 24/7. The key benefit is that you can access your information at any time without the restrictions of the physical location of the data. And of course a Frontier Private Cloud is fully secure. Our cloud offering means Frontier will worry about sizing, power, cooling and other requirements that drive the cost of IT infrastructure up.

Cost Savings

By moving to the cloud, you enjoy dedicated and secure real-time access to data, processors and IT infrastructure, but have the ability to ‘share’ the expense of broadband, cooling, power and security of the equipment required.

What is the benefit of Frontier Networks Broadband?

Over the past few years, the demand for Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) has dramatically increased. More and more organizations are discovering the advantages of running their operations through a private and secure network, as well as the flexibility a VPN connection can afford. With Frontier, your network will always be private, secure and scalable. We offer both Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Broadband VPN.

What is MPLS?

MPLS is a packet-forwarding technology which uses labels to make data forwarding decisions. For example, if you have voice, data, Internet browsing and video, your Frontier provided network will be smart enough to ‘prioritize’ the voice and video requirements over the rest. This will reduce the overall amount of bandwidth you will actually need, which will save you money.

A Frontier VPN connection offers a complete solution for companies seeking a cost-effective method of transferring data between users in one or more locations. Because of the nature of a broadband or MPLS VPN connection, our clients are able to dramatically increase their upload and download speeds across a secure uncontended network. Your VPN connection is used uniquely by you and therefore connection speeds and reliability can be guaranteed, as no other users are interfering with the performance of the VPN connection. This is very different form networks that access the public internet as their backbone.

Our clients are discovering Frontier MPLS and broadband VPN carry significantly lower costs than a leased line connection, while possessing many of its attributes, including higher speeds, reliability and security.

What is the benefit of Frontier Networks VoIP?

If you don’t currently use VOIP for voice communication, then you are most certainly using the good old phone line (Packet-Switched Telephone Network or PSTN). On a PSTN line, you are paying for bandwidth and dedicated lines which are not being used. Long distance and International calls are much more expensive.

We call our Frontier voice solution VOPN (Voice Over Private Network.) By this, we leverage the efficiency of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with security and reliability of our private secure network. We also use the latest technology to offer high definition sound quality, with no jitter or latency.

Hear the difference between regular analog voice compared to Frontier High Definition VOPN

What is the benefit of Frontier Networks Security?

Because you have private broadband with Frontier, your broadband will be more secure. We do not use the public internet for our connectivity or traffic. If your network and your locations require critical and confidential connectivity then your router configurations are also critical.

Our process is to extend your Local Area Network (LAN) right through to your remote locations and thereby eliminate vendor middlemen and the possibility of security breaches. Our Engineer’s core competency is the design and build of private secured networks using state-of –the-art firewalls and router configurations. Of course Frontier networks are PCI friendly and CRTC Registered.