Become a Frontier Networks Partner:

We’re an exciting, easy to work with company with a full range of Broadband and Voice services.

Unlike partnering with a Telco, Frontier will value your opportunity and will not compete with you.

There are three ways to work with Frontier Networks:

  1. Become a Referral Partner: You send us a lead, we close it, we pay you… that’s it.
  2. Value-Added Reseller: We work together to ‘bundle’ your value added services with our range or service offering.
  3. Become a Wholesale partner.

Partnering opportunities include:

  1. Value-added resellers of telecommunications equipment looking to source Broadband telecommunications or SIP based voice products and services.
  2. Value-added resellers of Microsoft or desktop IT services who are looking to partner with a network service provider.
  3. Reseller of LAN or IT Equipment who require data-centre space to create your own ‘cloud’ based offering.
  4. Disaster Recovery Practice Firms who are looking to augment their current practice with executable network elements (WAN, Diverse Internet, Diverse Voice Access, Colo etc.).
  5. Sales Agent looking to make extra money by helping Frontier Networks close business.
  6. CRTC and FCC Registered Carriers who want access to our Wholesale Network of NNI’s.

What products do we have to sell to either you or your customers

We operate in four categories: Broadband, Colocation, Voice, and Physical Security. Each service area is a core discipline, we do it because we are good at it (and we have been known to do it for some predominate and well known companies).


Your clients all buy Broadband today and they likely buy if from someone who competes with your core service offerings. We offer a range of Broadband services including:

    • 3G / 4G Cellular
    • ADSL
    • VDSL
    • Ethernet over Cable
    • Point to Point Wireless
    • Fibre Services (10, 100, 1000, 10 G)

(delivered as either a Private WAN (MPLS) or Internet Service)

A partnership with us is perfect. Why? We can use you for field installation and as a provider of related end points (ie: Firewalls, LAN Switches etc.). You can earn a commission or take a ‘margin’ on our products (we bill you, you bill the customer).



Our newest platform is our Voicenetwork. It is the ideal replacement for traditional phone lines (both analogue and digital lines). It can also replace your entire phone system and it runs perfectly on our Broadband services that you use from us today.


We have built out our Colocation facilities and offer two new spaces. Both our 151 Front Street Colocation as well as our 530 Kipling facility are available to you. It is the ideal location to place some of your critical Servers and Storage devices and we take care of power, cooling, backup power, as well as all the bandwidth you could ever want.



If you are looking for a bit more than Colocation and want a managed Cloud Server we can help with that too. Your customers may be asking for ‘Cloud’ servers and storage, why not sell the equipment and work with us to ‘host’ this equipment in our data center? We call this ‘Private Cloud’ and it is preferred option to public cloud structure.