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Frontier Networks is where the new Internet of Things (IoT) and traditional alarm monitoring meet.

We monitor better because we see more.

There is an age old problem with alarm monitoring and dispatch that ultimately needs to be addressed.

Start by canceling your phone line used to talk to your old central monitoring people.

The old alarm system that you have in your office or retail location looks a bit like this. It is old. It was developed over two decades ago and was likely installed over a decade ago.

The old stuff uses phone lines. No one today would use a phone line. They are expensive. If you have a single location you are likely paying between $40 and $60 per month just for the phone line – even more, if your provider is managing this line for you.

In a Physical Security environment designed by Frontier Networks, we want an alarm system to work the same as our broadband – always and every time. We want to have an active/active always on monitoring environment. We deliver this – without the phone line and without the cost of the phone line.

It is less money and better. Much better.




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Our unique selling proposition.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Our call centre is ‘always on’. We provide extensive remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting

Real-time Monitoring

Our provided alarm system is monitored by the Frontier Network Operations Centre. We alert on all sensors and will work with you to establish alert protocols.

Field Support

Our field technicians are dispatched by the Frontier Networks Operations Centre if a device needs to be replaced. We don’t charge for “day two” support. It’s included.


Each connection type can be Internet, MPLS, Voice and in some cases layered to provide all three.

Simplified Billing

Web, electronic or paper bill. Simplified account codes – easy to understand.

One Accountable Vendor (not multiple)

One bill, one company to call and one agreement.

No Charge Changes

Don’t be afraid to call us. We don’t charge for support or help with your services.

Assisted Conversions

We will work with you closely to migrate from your old provider to us.

Zero Financial Risk

Don’t worry about an over-lapping billing period when switching from your old provider to Frontier. We will take care of that.

Super Friendly Support

Highly trained support technicians and help-desk staff. Zero – Four (0-4) hour resolution objectives for any and all issues. Friendly escalation policy and easily accessible management.

What is included.

Wired and wireless sensors. We monitor everything.

We monitor better because we see more.

The ‘new stuff’ is better. It supports both wired and wireless protocols which include innovative proprietary Radio Frequency as well as new exciting protocols such as Zwave and Zigbee.

If you are worried about security and monitoring we do that even better. If you ‘damage’ a sensor or if someone smart decides to ‘RF JAM’ a sensor we will know and we will alert to the highest severity on that activity.

Monitor everything. Even your refrigerators.

Yes. We can do this.

The refrigerator freezer temperature monitors records and transmits data to our monitoring centre and can provide immediate reporting and be alerting – 24 / 7 / 365.

The temperature monitoring system can include other sensors such as CO, CO2, NO2, O3, VOC, PM or Ozone to provide you with accurate information about your indoor environments.

Frontier Networks offers a refrigerator freezer temperature monitoring system that provides more:

  • Measure freezer temperature & relative humidity with a high degree of accuracy and reliability
  • Continuous monitoring take the guesswork out of food & critical contents storage
  • Lower risk of health & safety violations

All systems include the ability for online data analytics and more including:

  • Collect: Online data analytics, graphs, maps and archive data logging for quick decisions
  • Respond: Alerts sent via phone call (Priority 1) or text or email (Priority 2) to the appropriate team members
  • Simple: For easy installation
  • Solutions: Customization that can include the sensor mix you need

Most alerts sent to local police are false – it is time to fix this.

We monitor better because we see more.

There is an age old problem with alarm monitoring and dispatch that ultimately needs to be addressed. Between 96 to 99 percent of all dispatches to local police are false.

We can fix this problem by providing a more meaningful level of monitoring and by looking at key issues vs. a simple review of alarm event notification.

Monitor with our integrated web or mobile application.

We monitor better because we see more.

With the tap of a finger, our app lets you control your security systems, receive text messages and email alerts—even view live video and video events, locate assets, control thermostats, lighting and locks—anytime, anywhere on iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ devices. It’s packed with features that help you deliver a great user experience.

Total Automation

Depending on how we customize your office or retail location setting you can remotely:

  • Arm and disarm your security system, giving you increased peace of mind.
  • Control your lights, locks, and thermostat, increasing convenience, comfort and energy savings.
  • Receive immediate notification of a break-in, fire, flood, and other emergencies, keeping you in the loop no matter where you are.
  • View live video or receive video clips of certain events at your office or entry ways.

Monitor more with a comprehensive set of sensors.

We monitor everything. We can alert and report on anything.

Frontier Networks has a comprehensive set of sensors that can be monitored.

These include:

  • Thermostats for high / low alerts
  • Door access / door open / door left ajar
  • Lighting on / off
  • Room sensors / movement detection
  • Asset tracking
  • Smoke detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Water and flood detection
  • Video surveillance

You need smart people and smart technology to make a building smart.

There are vendors who talk about “Building the Smart Offices”.

Most vendors are not smart enough. Just because you have a LAN and a Router does not qualify them to talk about the Internet of Things (IoT).

And the word ‘Ecosystem’ means a complicated consortium of vendors who don’t actually work together all that well.

IoT is not about having a network or a building backbone. Face it, you already likely have one. You always have. What you want is someone to run it.

Capturing the possibilities of IoT means working with a vendor who understands both the monitoring and reporting obligations as well as having the knowledge and experience with the large selection of monitoring sensors and elements – all with one single vendor, with one bill and one phone call.

Powerful alarm monitoring software embedded with the latest technology.

Frontier has modified and extended our comprehensive network and element monitoring platform to support the UL 827 Central Station Host Services certification.

Our facility houses sophisticated power, generating and security technologies that we use to protect and manage our broadband network.

Our Physical Security offering explained. In under 2 Minutes.

Actually, 2 Minutes and 14 seconds.


We value partners.

Partners Wanted - Frontier Networks Inc.

At Frontier Networks we value partnerships

Frontier Networks relies on partnerships and referrals from Service Providers, Agents, Sales Organizations and IT Integrators.

If you have an opportunity for us, please feel free to contact us.