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Our philosophy = connectivity with a really big smile : )

It is time to move away from bulky equipment and vendors with large prices and inflexible services.

Frontier Networks is a national provider of Broadband, Voice, Physical Security and location WIFI – all on one simple bill with no up-front charges just one simple low, predictable monthly rate.

With just one phone call and a simple order process, a scheduled single technician will arrive to set up everything. You start to pay when you are live. And we will handle the break up with your existing vendor and will pay your final bill. It’s easier that way.

And our technicians show up on time.



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Our unique selling proposition.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Our call centre is ‘always on’. We provide extensive remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting

Real-time Monitoring

Our provided router is monitored by the Frontier Network Operations Centre. We alert on outages and performance issues. We call you. We don’t wait for you to call us.

Field Support

Our field technicians are dispatched by the Frontier Networks Operations Centre if a device needs to be replaced. We don’t charge for “day two” support. It’s included.

Easy Upgrades

With Frontier you are not locked in. You can start with a Cable or ADSL / VDSL circuit and migrate up to a 100 Gig Fibre without effort.


Each connection type can be Internet, MPLS, Voice and in some cases layered to provide all three.

Simplified Billing

Web, electronic or paper bill. Simplified account codes – easy to understand.

One Accountable Vendor (not multiple)

One bill, one company to call and one agreement.

100% Coverage

No matter where your business is located, we have a connection for you.

No Charge Changes

Don’t be afraid to call us. We don’t charge for support or help with your services.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don’t impose usage restrictive limitations and transfer limits.

Assisted Conversions

We will work with you closely to migrate from your old provider to us.

Zero Financial Risk

Don’t worry about an over-lapping billing period when switching from your old provider to Frontier. We will take care of that.

Super Friendly Support

Highly trained support technicians and help-desk staff. Zero – Four (0-4) hour resolution objectives for any and all issues. Friendly escalation policy and easily accessible management.

What is included.


A range of reliable business grade connections that you can trust to support your Internet, Payment and Security requirements. Simple billing made even more simple with no hidden fees or caps with the freedom of Unlimited Internet.


Business Phone.

A cloud-based phone system with unlimited long distance and tons of features. Keep your existing phone number or get a new one.


Physical Security

A modern and new way to monitor and protect your facility including cameras, temperature controls, smart phone applications and emergency monitoring with the reliability of a dual path network connection to our monitoring centre.

Internal and Guest WIFI

Work anywhere in your location and provide your guests with secure WIFI access and a branded landing page that triggers them to “log in and like” your business on their social media account to gain access.


Lobby TV

An inexpensive Channel line up to satisfy your needs in your office, boardroom or lobby.


Marketing Assist Fund

We like to help. We want to help every small and medium business succeed. We have partnered with qualified agencies and are happy to provide seed capital to help you set up a website, register a domain name, set up your Adword campaigns, design your business cards or stationery, create swag, or plan your next round of sales literature.

What our customers say.

Your support and web portal are great. We love the country view of our sites. It is great that we can simply 'click' on a site and see all the related speed and health elements of the link.

It is nice to work with a single vendor for all our needs. Working with Frontier was easy and the installation was painless.

This is the best value bundle in the market!

It is nice to work with Frontier who has a clear practice focus around business customers. Your help desk and your staff are excellent.

We value partners.

Partners Wanted - Frontier Networks Inc.

At Frontier Networks we value partnerships

Frontier Networks relies on partnerships and referrals from Service Providers, Agents, Sales Organizations and IT Integrators.

If you have an opportunity for us, please feel free to contact us.