The Role: Team Lead – Physical Security and Alarm Monitoring

Location: Etobicoke

The role …

We are looking for a Team Leader for our new Physical Security and Alarm Monitoring business.

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We are looking for someone that is youthful, hardworking and energetic. Ideally you are working at one of the ‘other’ alarm monitoring and installation companies. We would enjoy your experience but we are looking to do things a bit differently.

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About you …

You are a accustomed to the traditional world of Physical security and Alarm Monitoring. We are using the ‘new’ technology. Specifically, we use the Honeywell Platforms (Lyric,
Vista, and LYNX) with an emphasis around the Lyric platform with the Total Connect Smartphone Application.

Our central monitoring station is from Bold.

What are we looking for…

We are looking for someone to be our product specialist. We need you to know how to install and support our platforms as well as operate our central monitoring station software as we roll out to more support reps between our Toronto and Moncton support centres.

You would be part of the support and quotation process and would be our primary liaison to Honeywell for Sales and Support related inquires and tickets. You would be the ‘go-to’ between our sales team and their customers to successfully promote our Physical Security and Alarm Monitoring services.

Who we are …

Frontier Networks is in the business of Broadband, IP Voice, Colocation and Physical Security. We have, by far, the greatest overall reach – spanning Canada, The United States and the United Kingdom with our multi-access network and   our 100 percent coverage connectivity solution that rivals everyone

What we do …

Broadband, we provide Internet and Private Network connections across the country and around the world using any network access type and at any speed. It is true. We have the broadest range of services (from ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Fibre and Wireless) and we have regional Points of Presence across Canada and into the United States. There is no service proposal or requirement that we cannot fulfill.

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Voice, we provide innovative SIP based phone lines or a cloud based phone system to replace an aging premise based phone system (and vendor). We do this differently. We utilize our private and secure network to ensure that the customer experience is high.

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Colocation, we provide spaces where our customers can place their IT equipment.

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Physical Security (new), an innovative offering to secure our customers physical locations through advanced monitoring and innovative sensors.

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Who we do it for …

We sell directly to end-user customers as well as through a channel or agents and resellers. Our customers include national retailers and small, medium and large national enterprise customers with multiple locations.

Customer support is importantly to us. We take every customer, large and small, seriously. We have a sophisticated ticketing system and a Network Operations Centre (NOC) that operates 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

We are passionate about what we do, we take quality and customer support seriously and our culture easily places us as one of the more fun and exciting places to work.

Our office is located at 530 Kipling Avenue (QEW and Kipling). We have easy access to both the Kipling Subway station and Lakeshore Line.