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What is the Untelco Fund?

The Untelco Fund is an investment vehicle with a simple mandate. We provide capital which is used to fund the buyout and cancellation of unwanted broadband, MPLS, Voice, Internet and Colocation contracts. This vehicle is available to business customers only and caters to Retail and Multi-site customers located in Canada.

Why did we create this fund?

Most voice and broadband agreements are old, and often auto-renew and more frequently at unfavorable rates and conditions. In our experience most customers want to make a change but are often overwhelmed by the financial implications of doing so. The fund contribution should alleviate some of these charges.

What can the fund fix?


Some connections are just terrible; others are expensive. Sometimes you end up with both!

Vendors change over time. Acquisitions create significant risk for you as an end user. Lack of familiarity between you and your new vendor is risky and painful at best, and it is even worse when their most senior and essential staff leave or are termination as part of the acquisition.

We should also mention that the acquirer (who are typically bigger) have impersonal offshore or outsourced international support who no longer offer help past 5:01 pm.


Old expensive phone lines on contract hold you back from potential savings and easier administration.

There are many new VoIP vendors. Most don’t operate their networks, and pretty much all they have is a fancy website and the constant reassurances that “things will get better.” They usually don’t.

Voice over the “Public” Internet almost never works. What works well is Voice over a Private Network.

You were sold one thing but delivered something else.


There are lots of people with lots of places that want to ‘manage’ your critical IT assets and most private data files.

Once you move in rates rise and sometimes by as much as 50%.

These contracts auto-renew – don’t let them and if they did – think about moving out.

If you are not in an established data center – take advantage of ‘move in’ programs now – don’t wait for your contract to end.

How does it work?

A customer would apply by contacting us. Once we have the details of their current agreement and term, we would calculate what contribution would be available.

What is eligible for funding?

Any Canadian Retail or Enterprise customer is eligible. Service providers or resale organizations are unfortunately not eligible.

How long does it take to get approved?

Once we have all the details we can likely turn a decision around within 2 – 5 business days.

Is the fund open to outside Investment?

At the moment the Untelco Fund is a private fund and is closed to outside investment.

Read our announcement.


See our announcement of the Untelco fund here.