We Don’t Suck.

Hi there,Thanks for visiting.We take pride in our flexibility and ability to customize not only our ideas, but perhaps your own, to meet the very specific needs of
your business.  We can do this because, at the fundamental level, Frontier Networks is a house of ideas, a never ending, constantly refreshing, “war room” of how we can make your life easier (at least at work, if we find a way to simplify your personal life you’ll be the first to know).We operate in four categories: Broadband, Colocation, Voice, and Cloud.  Each service area is a core discipline, we do it because we are good at it (and we have been known to do it for some predominate and well known companies).

We have built and operate a new data centre at 151 Front Street in Toronto, as well as other locations. It is an ideal location to host your equipment, or to have us host your equipment for you. We provide full and partial cabinets – and we never, ever, charge up-front one-time-fees.

You can get to know us on a more intimate level here. Or you can give me a call personally at 416.847.5243 or to anyone in our office at 1.866.833.2323.

We know that we can provide better, easier, and more reliable broadband services, speeds, and connectivity at a lower price, while also showing you a radically different and more creative way to provide voice calling between your locations, from your customers to you, and from you to your customers.  You deserve the opportunity to work with Frontier Networks, and we want to make that happen.

If you are feeling a little trigger shy, we are also more than willing to give a zero-obligation, third party review of your current set-up and help you to find ways of improving what you already have.

Let’s talk.

If you are thinking about saying no, give your head a shake and then read here.

Warm regards,




Luigi Calabrese