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Social Media and Adword Conversion Tracking Phone Numbers – We Can Help

By March 24, 2016 Voip
Ever run a Google AD, possibly a Linkedin AD and wonder if it was effective? Did they click? Did they email? Did they call?
The thought process around this is called Conversion Tracking. Landing pages are one way to track this but what about direct consumer response … IE: a phone call?
We can help.
There are firms out there who offer ‘expensive’ services whereby you can ‘rent’ phone numbers ie: 800 numbers which will generate usage reports. Each AD that you place would have a distinctive 800 number and the traffic generated and subsequent reporting would help you identify what AD and what publication or medium was effective.
Problem is, these phone numbers and the associated services are expensive. Holding these number long term is pricey which means the ability to track ‘long term’ effectiveness is compromised.
Frontier can offer phone numbers in ‘any’ country. They work with AdWords click-to-call ads and can be used alongside other call tracking solutions. Our own usage reporting can identify when, why whom and what times the call conversions occurred.

With call conversion reporting, you can understand which keywords and which AD is driving the most phone calls from your website and which are resulting in more valuable calls.

In the instance where you ‘bid’ for ADword space this is even more critical. The higher the bid value the more expensive the campaign. Call conversion reporting will assist in determining the ‘conversion’ of these higher priced campaigns.

Oh ya. You own the numbers after…. unlike the ‘rented’ numbers.

It is pretty neat. Try it out.

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