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Are you a wholesaler, US or international carrier or cloud provider with a need for connectivity in Canada? If so, welcome to your new home! (we have cookies)

By March 13, 2012 General

U.S., or International Carriers – Welcome, we have been waiting for you.

Frontier Networks would like to be your trusted guide to ubiquitous telecommunications services in Canada.

Frontier can get the network reach, scale and comprehensive portfolio your business needs to stay competitive and to support growth from your own business customers in your own market. Frontier Networks has a strong reputation for industry-leading technology and superior support as well as fast super fast quoting, ordering and provisioning.

Whether you need a single link to a Canadian customer location or a Private Wide Area Network to multiple locations within Canada, we have the expertise, relationships and carrier partnerships you need to successfully extend your reach at a fraction of the cost of establishing your physical presence in Canada

Frontier is committed to helping our Carrier partners succeed in the Canadian marketplace by making our expansive network footprint available to your organization.

We provide seamless network coverage nationally for a range of speeds utilizing a range of fibre and copper services

We provide Ethernet and Data Centre Colocation of various speeds with any of our diverse number of providers

It’s easy … We connect our two networks and provide you with access to our impressive list of over 19,000 (19,463 to be exact) on-net buildings, 45 Canadian SIP Rate Centres and access into Canada, the United States, UK and Australia… with other markets to follow.

We can colocate you in our Data Centre – we will even pick up the cross connections

We provide Full Cabinet, Partial or by the 1ru space available at any of our meet me locations. We can be your remote ‘smart hands’ as well.

We can meet you anywhere, and at no cost to you

A no cost NNI will be made available to you within our suite at any one of our colocation facilities.

Frontier maintains multiple geographically diverse Network to Network Interfaces or NNI’s. With a single interface into our network, you will gain access to our vast number of available carriers

We can help with your VoIP and Voice Services

Expand your footprint with Canada’s most extensive voice networks. As a carrier provider for voice, Frontier can provide our own Origination DID’s in our on-net markets. We can provide access to our off-net markets via our large available fabric of national DID coverage. Our Termination rates are attractive.

We can provide a full range of Ethernet Services

  • ADSL, ADSL2/VDSL2 or Bonded Services
  • E10 – E1000 LAN Extensions
  • 10 Gig Options
  • QinQ and Large Frame Size options supported

We can meet you at any of our network point of presence (PoP)

  • 151 Front, Toronto, Ontario (TOR1)
  • 530 Kipling, Toronto, Ontario (TOR2)
  • 1959 Upperwater St., Halifax, Nova Scotia (HAX)
  • 111 8th Ave, New York, New York (NYC)
  • 515 Hasting St. W., Vancouver, British Columbia (VAN)
  • 2001 6th Ave. Seattle, WA (SEA)
  • London, England (LON)
  • Sydney, Australia (SYD)