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Let us help you find the best connected buildings in every city – before you sign your lease

By March 28, 2016 General

hello_landlordsLet us help you find the best connected buildings in every city – before you sign your lease

Looking for a new office or industrial space can be fun. Usually unfortunately the last consideration is what technology is available in the proposed building. Landlords are quick to say things like ‘this building is fully wired’ (lie) or ‘we have fibre in the building’ (lie). On a literal basis they are telling the truth. The building does have ‘wires’ in it or there are cables in the building that say ‘fibre’.

As more people are moving their entire product offerings – and workforces – to cloud- or web-based frameworks, the ability to get and stay connected is more important than ever. If you find yourself on the hunt for office space consider the following checklist – and remember don’t just rely on the building owner’s statements here is a chance to use this checklist to get it in writing!

Question: Is the building within 4 km from the phone company central office?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Is the building close enough to the central office  to have access to higher speed VDSL services?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Is the local cable company’s coax cable available in this building?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Has any provider terminated their fibre optic cable for Internet or Ethernet services in the building? If not are you willing to fund the construction charge if there is one?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Are there a large number of reported issues with the provider’s copper in the building?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Are the pairs ‘exhausted’? Meaning… is there enough pair capacity to actually provision you as a new customer? If not are you willing to fund this charge if there is one?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Has the landlord signed any building Exclusive deals with any provider which would ban others from entering limiting your competitive choice? Or, has the provider limited third-party use of their provided infrastructure to your building?
Building Owner Response:
Question: Which telecom providers and carriers are currently in the building?
Building Owner Response:

What about inside the building? Is your potential office space equipped for service?

Even though fiber services might be technically available in the building, the actual floor or office space that you’re leasing might not be equipped for fibre. For example, your building might say it offers fibre. But in some cases, the fibre cables may be nowhere near your office (or even way down in the building’s basement). In this scenario, to build out your Internet connections you would need to plan for extra construction and extra costs.

Is the landlord willing to bring new providers into the building?

If your business requires Internet services like fibre that your building doesn’t currently offer, some landlords may be willing to work with your preferred Internet provider to build fiber to the building. Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific provider as a negotiating point when securing your lease to make sure you have the Internet services your business needs to function.

Is the building wiring up to your spec?

Even though there is wiring in the building (Copper, Coax and even fibre cable) depending on the size of the building and the placement of the demarcation it has been demonstrated time and time again that ‘loss’ inside the building can occur. Distance, inefficient wiring closet placement or bad splicing terminations can cause this. It would seem entirely unfair to have you ‘fund’ the correction of this.


It’s a good idea to look for buildings with a large number and wide range of providers because this creates competition between them – which means better pricing and services for you. And although large providers might have connectivity to the building, because of the building’s infrastructure, they might not be able to offer their full range of services, which could limit your connectivity and therefore limit your business – Don’t let them do that.

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