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Copper is the new fibre!

By April 29, 2014 Broadband

As ideal as optical fiber is for transmitting huge quantities of data over long distances, running fiber to an ‘off-net’ business location can be challenging.

Frontier offers ‘Loop bonding’. Loop bonding provides many benefits including effective re-use of existing copper for bandwidth, ability to scale bandwidth to service need by adding copper pairs, no construction delays and overall performance and reliability relatively comparable to fibre .

Frontier’s bonded services can provide for a range of services between 45 and 100 mbps services over copper pairs.

It is highly reliable, if one pair is corrupted, you simply lose the aggregate, not the entire link.

Ideal uses?

  • VoIP link for Frontier’s CloudVoice platform
  • Backup WAN Link
  • Out of band Internet link
  • Storage link