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Data Centre Move in Assistance Program #tech

By September 18, 2012 Colocation

We recognize the ongoing need for good, neutral data centre space, but equally realize that the proposition of picking up and moving your data centre is over whelming with fear of risk, uncertainly and doubt.

One of the risks is financial, reality is, a new space may need to operate concurrently with the old space. Also, during the move, a need for replicated cross connects may prove cost prohibitive when you consider the one-time charges and monthly charges. Many providers also do not allow you to carry a cross connect on a month to month or temporary basis. All considered, you can see why data centres often stay put and suffer in silence.

How we can help?

Frontier Networks recognizes the risks associated with moving any data centre. We have moved our own and many others and will provide the following assistance:

Project management

We can either assist or lead the entire project management components of your move

Cross Connections

During the ‘move’ any temporary circuits will be defined up-front and any related on-time charges and monthly will be provided as a ‘no charge’ item to assist the move

Move in Month

During the initial move in period, we can accommodate a no charge ‘move in month’ – this will ensure that you monthly budget of data centre expenditures will not have an overlapping month

One Time Fees

You don’t like them, we don’t like billing them, so, under a move in scenario, we will make sure that you are insured from any one-time fees

Further information is available here:

For more information, please feel free to contact us to review your data centre requirements.

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