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Disaster call routing and capacity call queuing and emergency redirect – Free #tech #canada #telco

By August 20, 2014 Voip

Have you ever sat through a meeting when you realize that you cannot actually schedule maintenance because your company can not accommodate down time of any kind?

If you do, think about how Frontier actually routes a call (see our cool picture) you will see that we actually ‘insert’ ourselves ‘into’ the PSTN. We have the ability to ‘route’ and ‘manage’ a call. If there is ever a problem or capacity issue there are things we can do to redirect a call in real time – with no dropped calls.

What is cool is that this functionality comes out of the ‘box’. Our customer with 5 phones and our customer with 1500 phones has the same redirect abilities. If you already have all your phone numbers don’t worry – we simply add them into our pool. You still own them and you always will.

Kind of nice when you realize that you don’t have to be a bank, or spend like a bank to have the same call re-direct functionality as a bank.

I take that back – not sure banks even have this. But you can.