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Do you want to build a snowman? #business #Canada #HumpDay

By August 19, 2014 Voip

It is snowing in Northern France. And… If you had a sales office or regional office there Frontier could provide a local France phone number or 1-800 number. When dialed, it could route to your local office or sales guy and after three rings could be routed to your base of operations in Canada. Or… when dialed, it could actually just ‘land’ in Canada.

These phone numbers can be forwarded to your existing SIP/IP or analog lines anywhere. Whether we are the provider or not. The virtual number is forwarded to where ever you tell us to point it. It is available as a flat rate unlimited usage or metered basis.  This service is ideal to reduce toll free costs when your business has significant call volumes from a particular city anywhere in the world.

If is a pretty neat way for your business to launch internationally for under $ 20 per month. At the moment, we can offer this in over 75 Countries. More are being added daily.

About 1.5 years ago, we established our presence in the United Kingdom and Australia. The sole purpose of this was to provide true international coverage for our Canadian customers. We do this for both voice and broadband links. It was snapped up pretty quickly by our customer base.

One client has a local DID in an international city where their daughter is attending an International University. Another has one at their International home which for a few months a year becomes their base of operations when on corporate retreats.