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Frontier opens the books for a new data centre at 151 Front Street in Toronto

By December 14, 2011 Colocation

Some may have heard that Frontier Networks has made some further investments on our data centre assets. This is correct. We have begun our first phase of expansion at 151 Front (Toronto’s biggest, most expensive, but without a doubt the best connected place in Canada to house a server or router). This was no small undertaking, under the ‘go big’ or ‘stay home’ thought we are planning to roll out 45 (+/-) Colocation cabinets. This would be our largest undertaking to date in one of the most complex buildings in Canada (with a larger one planned shortly thereafter when we expand Toronto 1, our current GTA Data Centre). This move does not mark our first undertaking at 151 Front, we in fact operate over several data centre spaces within the building today, but this space will be our first neutral client access space.

We have a few ideas with this space.

Be Green, or as green as possible

Frontier has a legacy of being green or green minded. There are a few ways of accomplishing the objective of overall carbon neutrality in the data centre it is something we will do and we will do it well, from green power, to efficient components, our thought is to innovate on energy (given our already inherent ability to innovate on the technology side). We have recently registered the project on the International Carbon Disclosure Project and will commit to the required reporting as diligently as we complete our annual Canada, US and UK broadband and regulatory filings.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world.

Some 3,000 organizations around the world measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies through CDP. Some of the world’s largest companies from indices such as the Global 500, FTSE 350 or S&P 500 have received a carbon disclosure rating.

Be Disruptive

We have had many colocation spaces and data centres, mostly as a tenant in some way. We noted our previous experiences at 151 Front Street as ‘shocking’ at best in how small charges add up. In the final accounting of a recent review that we undertook, we noted that our Power and Cross Connections charges amounted to well over 50% of our overall cost in our data centres. These costs are not anywhere near what you would expect either – they are huge. Frontier plans on having a very flat policy on power and cross connects.

Cross Connections

The idea of ‘be here, go anywhere’ is very possible, our intention is to leverage our intra facility cross connects to other locations including the meet me room. It always seemed abusive the idea of charging $ 300 and $400 per month for a set of fibres. The large providers are even worse. Wire it up and treat every location like it is ‘in suite’ when possible. Whether you are going to the meet me room, or beside or another facility in the building, if we are there, we will be considered in-suite.

Universal Access

With our facilities in Halifax, New York, UK, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto 1 (our other data centre), we plan on allowing neutral bandwidth access to each of these for diversity. This will address, at least for us and our clients, the age old concern of our countries (and our own dependency) of 151 Front Street. The advent of virtualization does make it rather easy to put the power of inter-nodal data centres into the hands of everyone. We internally call this our ‘Canadian cloud’, noting the unique and apparent need to have ‘diverse’ and ‘connected’ access to existing US facilities (enter witty Patriot act statement here).


You will see this word more and more in our marketing going forward – We have spoken to a wide variety of people who have entertained the idea of an off-site data centre. Most gave up after recognizing the costs of actually setting up. The actual rack rental is the cheap part, be afraid (very afraid) of power, one time charges, cross connect fees.

We believe that you want to talk at the application layer, not network layer, Frontier will allow you to do that!

Our books are now open on our space. If you need space, or are looking to relocate, think of us.

Price Book:

  • 1ru (Rack Unit) Colocation
  • 4ru, 8ru, 10ru
  • Full cabinet
  • AC or DC Power
  • Access to Broadband connectivity or Internet connectivity in suite
  • In suite access to the PSTN via our CLEC assets
  • Fully Managed Private Servers