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Frontier vs. the ‘other’ providers out there….

By June 9, 2013 Broadband

A common question by many clients, consultants or prospective customer of Frontier is ‘why work with Frontier vs. working direct with a carrier or one of the other providers out in the market place?’Here are some comments that we have collected over the years from our base and customer prospects.

What we hear about carriers

  • They will give you a website or portal, but no actual live help – your sales rep. is often not involved in the order process and you are often left alone to fend for your self if there is an issue
  • The sales reps. usually disappear after the contract is signed. Leaving you to ‘fend’ with the bureaucracy of the provider that you have chosen.
  • They don’t really provide meaningful strategic advise – it is their way, or no way
  • No objective project managers, very little in the way of on-site interaction and they are quick to blame the customer if something goes wrong on day of install
  • Lots of extra charges, change orders, out of scope issues including scope creep
  • Billing, very rarely accurate and often a billing co-coordinator at your location is required to ensure accuracy
  • Service Level Objectives are often not met and policing SLA credits are near impossible noting the forms and process to claim these
  • Their definition of MTTR is Mean Time to Respond, whereas ours is Mean Time to Repair

What we hear about Frontier from our clients

  • It is like having a team on the ‘inside’ of the phone company
  • We ‘diagnose’ outages faster which leads to an expedient resolution
  • Working with the telco(s) is nothing short of frustrating, and we will run with issues so you don’t have to
  • They are not objective, and it is our job to ensure that ‘everyone’ hits their SLO objectives
  • For VoIP and legacy phone service, when porting a number, carriers rarely help you with the porting documents and RESPORG forms. If there is the slightest issue, porting can take weeks or months. Most won’t be able to port all your numbers but they won’t admit to that early on – leaving you later to figure out the missing sites on your own.
  • Our network provides greater overall value, with one Frontier Connection, you get equal, non-preferential access to any and all providers in each of the countries that we operate in.