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Here is a fun thought, imagine cooling a data centre with critical IT equipment with what else … cold water?!

By September 3, 2016 Colocation

Here is a fun thought, imagine cooling a data centre with critical IT equipment with what else … cold water?!

Deep lake water cooling

At our new data centre space we are doing exactly that. Thanks to a coincidence of Mother Nature Frontier is fortunate to find itself in enviable circumstances. It was decades ago when the notion of using the icy waters from deep in Lake Ontario as a source of air conditioning for buildings in the city’s core was first hatched. Now an operational reality and we are using this in our new TOR-1 Space (151 Front Street).

Being Green

Only the coldness of the lake water is harnessed, rather than the water itself. Thus providing a truly unique, green alternative to conventional air conditioning.

Our data centre cooling systems are specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers and other electronic equipment, and by using a source of chilled water cooling vs. highly inefficient mechanical, we are able to provide extensive cooling power without excessive power and energy costs.

Because Lake Ontario serves as the engine of our cooling, we have all but eliminated the need for electrically-powered chillers in our facility. This saves tens of thousands of dollars in capital investments at new constructions, while freeing significant square footage and reducing maintenance and replacement costs for retrofits. The environmental factors are also significant and include: reduced carbon emissions, elimination of CFC-damaging coolants, reliance on a clean, renewable resource, and the fact that no heat is rejected back into the lake.

How we will use Lake Ontario’s icy water as a renewable energy source

In winter, the surface of Lake Ontario cools to about 4° C. This cold water’s density increases, causing it to sink. In summertime, the surface water heats up, remaining at the surface because it’s warm, thus not dense enough to sink. No matter how hot the summer, the deeper water remains very cold. Over time, this phenomenon has created a permanent reservoir of cold water on the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Note the video below for a great outline of this exciting technology:

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