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Hey Retailers! Frontier Networks can improve customer service, speed up payment processing and provide massive cost savings on your next wide area network for your retail locations.

By March 17, 2013 Broadband

Hey Retailers! Frontier Networks can improve customer service, speed up payment processing and provide massive cost savings on your next wide area network for your retail locations.

We are cleaning up in Retail. We have been winning projects rapidly. We are excited and here is how we are doing it.

MPLS network upgrade for Retail operators with a sweetspot for sites with 200 to 2000 locations seamless communications capabilities between its headquarters and stores without being limited to location; we provide 100% coverage, meaning we will be the single vendor for all your locations. Our network will span Canada, USA, UK and Australia as our major connection points with hub and spoke connectivity to all other markets.

We have a better network

Everyone talks about Faster Speeds. But, they usually are not. We do it different. We have faster circuits because we operate as one of the rare ‘facilities’ based providers. This means we operate regionally focused Network to Network Interfaces. For example, our British Columbia based customers actually terminate in British Columbia (Vancouver to be specific). Forget a ‘speed test’, look at latency. Especially when hitting your payment processor or routing a contact centre, hosting Virtual Desktop or managing a voice call. We have an extensive, regional Canadian backbone. We are one of the rare providers who have also made the investment to provide the newer VDSL service speeds with bandwidth options that hit over 100 mbps over standard copper.

Step 1 – Pick your Delivery Option:

MPLS – which provides for a completely private, end to end network connection. For those worried about security, it is the right way to do it. For those who think about PCI Compliance, it is the only way to do it.

DIA (Direct Internet Access) – For those who are looking for traditional VPN, we do that to. We can provide a hybrid MPLS / DIA service for fully DIA.

Step 2 – Pick your Speeds

Our Network service access options include:

  • Cellular data optimized for retail transactions (as either a primary or failover)
  • Ethernet over Cable Modem
  • ADSL, ADSL2 and VDSL
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Ethernet over Fibre (10, 100, 1000, 10,000 mbps+)

Step 3 – Federate your Data Sources / Think about how the cloud works

Using payment processing, you will note overall better performance, here is why.

We touched this earlier. If corporate is in Toronto, you will notice that traditional feedback is that Ontario payment processing is fine, but as you move east (Quebec and Maritimes) and west (Prairies and Vancouver) that payment processing timeframes degrade. This is simple. It is because your current network provider is essentially ‘routing’ all traffic on a ‘hub and spoke’ configuration. All traffic is generally coming to a single point and then routing out to the payment processor. Our network is different. It is smarter and it makes ‘regional’ decisions. If a payment is being processed in Vancouver, we can hit a processor gateway that is designated as simply ‘WEST’, avoiding the entire cross country trip.

Of course, we can do it the old way. But why?

Other people are reluctant to provider this, because it means investing in that pesky national footprint. Not easy. Often what happens is a series of ‘partnerships’ between carriers and providers. This means more finger pointing and stogy service.

Step 4 – Do more, add voice and get rid of those old Phone and FAX Lines

Under the same principle of payment processing, we regionalize or ‘cloud’ enable our entire voice footprint. Similar to the above example, a call in Vancouver, going to a Vancouver store has no real need to hit a ‘central’ monolithic phone switch. We have federation and nationalized our call fabric. It means lower call latency, higher call performance and clarity and significantly improved redundancy with multiple ‘mid call’ fail points.


  1. We have a neat way to regionalize your applications in our ‘Cloud’
  2. We always deliver redundant circuits with an active / active, active / failover design as standard
  3. We always monitor 24 / 7
  4. We offer same day / next day, on site replacement

No upfront charges