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Let us buy our your Internet, MPLS or Phone System / Phone Line Contract #business #canada

By August 20, 2014 Broadband


If you are in a contract with a vendor you don’t like of have a phone system that you don’t like we have a solution for you. Throw our money at the problem (not yours).

It is a simple offer really.

If you have a broadband network that you don’t like and you are not out of your contract yet- call us, give us the details and we will buy it out.

If you have a phone system, and you are still under lease we can help. Same deal as broadband. We roll out the new one beside the old one. When ready, we call your current vendor and write a cheque.

There is no fine print, but we need to talk a bit to find out what we are working with. Give us a call.

Want more reasons to switch to Frontier?

Here are four reasons why we think you should buy our your contract today;

  • Our broadband is faster and better

We guarantee your service speeds not just at the point of order, but for the lifetime of your service, which protects your customers against any changes to service speed as a result of environmental conditions

  • Resilience and pro-active monitoring

Services are pro-actively monitored

  • Commitment to future growth

Start with ADSL today, move to VDSL tomorrow, next year Fibre, same vendor, same IP scheme, no numbering out no migration.

  • Built for IP telephony

Our end-to-end services have been designed and extensively tested for delivering consistently high-quality voice services and converged internet access