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Multi-site Broadband and Voice – There is a better way to run your #business and #tech

By November 11, 2014 Broadband

You are a company with multiple locations. We get most excited about your type of business since it seems it is where we shine the most.

What do we mean by shine. It is simple. We have the most compelling statements. Things like saving money and delivering faster connections between branches.

Here is a simple example.

Each of your offices has a phone system (likely) and phone lines (very likely). You likely don’t know how many you have, or how utilized they are. Don’t worry, no one does. Already you are seeing where this is going. With Frontier, not only do you know what you will have, but we will show you, in real-time, via reports or a user portal, how many lines are there and what is their utilization.

But there is more.

If you have 5 or 7 (example) locations. Imagine being able to ‘share’ capacity amongst each of the sites. For example, if you have Edmonton, Calgary, Winnepeg, Toronto etc. Sharing capacity of phone lines means you ultimately need less lines.

And what if we now tell you that the ‘new’ way of doing this is better than the old way. It is faster, it is clearer, it is more reliable – and finally – it is less money. Far less.

This is why our sales team calls out to customers with multiple locations.

Contacts renew every 1 or 3 years. More often, they just auto-renew.

There is a better way.