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Neat idea for those wishing to expand their offices with low risk into a new market

By August 26, 2011 Broadband, Voip

A neat solution for organizations with multiple locations, remote offices or home / teleworkers

Want to test a new market before opening a physical office? Frontier can provide you with a local number to appear closer to your customers. A Frontier virtual phone number gives you a local phone number, in Canada, the United States and key international markets, that rings to any mobile or land line you choose.

Virtual phone numbers are a simple and affordable way to establish a local presence in key markets so you can:

  • Reach a new customer base.
  • Test a new market before expanding.
  • Offer customers a local support number.
  • Expand to new markets instantly without the costly investment in office space or staffing.
  • Improve customer relationships by having a local number for customers to call without incurring long distance charges.

How it Works
Virtual phone numbers give you a local telephone number in any of our listed markets without needing a physical office or even a separate phone line. All calls to your new virtual phone number can be automatically re-directed to a cell phone, office line or your customer service toll free number regardless if Frontier is the provider of your current lines.

How we manage that …

  • Pick the city where you want to have a local phone number.
  • Choose any number in Canada where you want deliver calls from your new virtual number.

Start getting local calls from your new market!