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No thank you, we don’t want fasterspeed, lower prices, simplified billing ….

By October 16, 2013 Broadband, General, Voip

We have a sales team that typically reaches out to talk to potential customers that we don’t currently work with.  It is a pretty innocent process, we sell a range of products today that everyone uses – they just may not get it from us.


We spend quite a bit of time and money developing our ‘selling strategy’ which is pretty simple and to the point.

Colocation and Cloud servers are a new space, most companies don’t have offsite colocation of critical IT equipment, and even less have investigated a ‘cloud server’ or ‘cloud storage’ arrangement.  It’s a slam dunk when you consider the annual cost of purchasing server equipment, licenses, and maintenance.

The more traditional markets require a bit of convincing.

We sell broadband

Which can be used to deliver internet or, to connect your branch offices. We have all types to connection options which include:


  • ADSL with speeds reaching 6 – 10 mbps
  • VDSL with speeds reaching 50 mbps
  • Ethernet over Cable with speeds reaching 20 mbps
  • Fibre with speeds of 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 mbps
  • Wireless with speeds of 1 – 30 mbps


Value proposition: there are new speeds and new rates.  Sure, you are currently in bed with another provider,  and you may be happy (happy to be quietly enjoying your current provider’s company) but lets face it, if you can increase speed and/or reduce costs, why not take advantage of it? Why not explore your options before hopping in the sheets (again in the case of a renewal)?

If for no other reason, dangle our attractive rates and attentive service in front of your current provider to stir up some jealousy.  All you have to do is sit back and reap the rewards of a more competitive arrangement (lower costs, faster speeds).

We sell voice

We can either replace your current phone lines that are in place with whichever provider your currently use, or we can replace the old phone system that is likely in place at your location.

If you have multiple offices, branches, or retail locations it is extremely simple to take 10, 20, 50, 500+ phone lines and the phone systems into the “cloud” and reduce costs by a factor of 50 – 70%.

Pause for a moment, and imagine the discussion with your CEO or CFO when the very real notion of a 50 – 70% price reduction is communicated.

Saving money seems logical to us, and none of you out there are intentionally illogical, right?  So I’ve been racking my brain at night trying to figure out why I keep getting the “sorry not interested” responses.  Maybe there’s something in the water?

Some advice …

The executive management of an organization (CEO, CFO) often work off the principles of common sense.  Yes, we have budgets and we operate to them and we put people in charge.  However, there are some fairly basic assumptions:

Here are the fundamentals:

  • If something is on fire, put it out
  • If someone is stealing, report them


Less fundamental, but equally important:

  • If you can reduce costs, then vigorously investigate the validity of the claim;
  • If equipment in the field is over five years old, then replace it before it fails;
  • If there is any option that allows for someone else to pay for the new equipment and the field installation, take it and run;
  • If faster speeds are available?  Yup you guessed it, take it and run. Help keep your company’s competitive edge and ‘listen’, ‘react’, and ‘execute’ wherever possible;
  • Trust: if there is a better deal out there, don’t assume the worse.  It may be a tactical business opportunity.


Last, a boutique can out maneuver a large, stoic Telco hands down. Is your IT strategy more like us or more like them? IT aside, is your organizations culture more like us or more like them?

Is your CEO more like us or more like them?