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Reduce your expenses, now…

By March 19, 2013 General

Sometimes, working with telecom service providers is like getting robbed every month by the same people.

This is common, and is often driven by three elements:


Failure to have an accurate inventory of all lines and circuits

A business needs to have a complete inventory of the number of lines and circuits they have, how they are being used and what they are being charged for those resources. Understanding the details of various lines, the features and functions of all lines and circuits as well as tracking usage can be complex but is necessary to ensure that the company is being charged only for the correct number and correct usage of lines and circuits.


Failure to detect anomalies in usage and costs

To easily spot problems in telecommunications usage, it is necessary to assign proper usage and costs to specific departments within a company. For example, the sales department may have higher usage and costs than say the data processing department. Whenever a discrepancy in the usage is discovered, a thorough investigation is to be carried out so that errors can be quickly detected and rectified. One example is that of employees who stopped using the pagers handed to them by the company and neither returned them nor did they request the service to be discontinued.

And Third…

‘Acclaiming’ your telecom and service providers year, after year, after year

I like the use of the word ‘Acclaiming’:

ac·claim (-klm)

v. ac·claimed, ac·claim·ing, ac·claims

1. To praise enthusiastically and often publicly; applaud. See Synonyms at praise

2. To acknowledge or declare with enthusiastic approval:

Example in everyday business:

I am happy with my current vendor, we re too busy to really think about them and their services, I am sure there is faster, better options, but we like them, or specifically, we like not thinking about them – and, the whole thing reminds me of dental work!

It is true, I often relate the sale of Wide Area Network Services to that of dental work. It is necessary, but not something that people look forward to.


Imagine finding a way to reduce your communication expenditures by 20%, without impacting service level.

Then imagine that cost reduction delivering increased service levels and higher level of services to your organization.

Here is a quick summary:

  1. Provide similar Internet Service, with less limitations for a lower price point (Eliminate transfer limits)
  2. Potentially increase bandwidth for the same price
  3. Re-Rate telephone lines to reduce the cost of these services
  4. Implement SIP Trunks under a ‘CAP and Grow’ Strategy – Our SIP Trunk leverages our full 151 Front VoIP core for Primary or Secondary (Diverse) SIP Trunking. (Consider the use of unique and inexpensive voice services ‘on demand’)
  5. Reduce Long Distance rates, eliminate ‘Plan’ fees
  6. Consolidate FAX or Data lines – Implement eFAX solution at branch level
  7. Examine Maintenance Contracts on exiting Voice and Network Equipment for Effectiveness – Propose Alternate Maintenance Structure, or self-sparing model with customer owned spares
  8. Move to the cloud:
    1. Servers
    2. PBX
    3. Lines
    4. Everything
  9. Examine use of diverse or secondary connections to ensure uptime is preserved
  10. Propose the use of Accutel’s Web and Audio Conference services vs. using existing expensive external providers (
  11. Examine MAC fee’s charged by your existing providers. Requirements – Propose pre-paid banks of hours to reduce historical MAC (Move, Add & Change) charges
  12. Review Teleworker (Road Warriors or employees that work from home) requirements – Improve communications, provide single number reach and reduce overall costs

So, consider 20% of your total telecom spend as a real number. We are fairly certain that we can make that happen. Moreso, we can improve speeds and service levels under that spending assumption.