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#Voice, our new, better, less costly way to connect #retail locations

By October 30, 2015 Voip

Hey Retailers!

The Retail vertical has been good for us. We have been winning projects rapidly. We are excited and here is how we are doing it.

We provide an MPLS network upgrade for Retail operators with a sweetspot for sites with 200 to 3000+ locations. This is coupled with our ability to provide rugged, very high speed connections to a retail customers corporate offices and data centres.

We provide 100% coverage. This means that we can be a single vendor for all locations. Our network spans Canada, USA, UK and Australia. We provide, off those sites, major connection points with hub and spoke connectivity to all other markets.

We have a better network

Everyone talks about Faster Speeds. But, they usually are not actually faster. We do it different. We have faster circuits because we operate our ‘facilities’ in each of the markets that we provider services. The alternative, would be to ‘hub and spoke’ all traffic back to a provider’s central point.

Why does this matter?

Because we regionalized or ‘cloud’ enabled our entire voice footprint, a call in Vancouver, going to a Vancouver store has no real need to hit a ‘central’ monolithic phone switch. We have federation and nationalized our call fabric. It means lower call latency, higher call performance and clarity and significantly improved redundancy with multiple ‘mid call’ fail points.

Of course, we can do it the old way. But why?

Other people are reluctant to provider this, because it means investing in that pesky national footprint. Not easy. Often what happens is a series of ‘partnerships’ between carriers and providers. This means more finger pointing and stogy service.


We price out our voice platform based on the ‘utilized’ or ‘busy’ channel. This is neat, because the way most retailers do it now is by purchasing a monthly bank of channels (or voice lines) at each locations to accommodate the maximum number of users at any point that will be on the phone.

It is dramatically less!




Frontier Networks Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and provides Broadband Internet or MPLS, Voice lines or Cloud PBX (a replacement to old phone systems), cloud servers and colocation to Canadian Retail and Multi Site customers who demand world-wide coverage from a ‘new’ network. “We like to do traditional things in a non-traditional way”.  Frontier has built a network that connects to other networks. Think of them like a large ‘backbone’ of interconnected networks. They connect to every phone company, cable company, wireless and hydro/utelco in Canada and the US through a series of well-connected Points of Presence (POPs). Simply put ‘we don’t suck’.

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