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The Untelco Fund. One year later #business

By September 1, 2015 Broadband

Remember this one? September 9, 2014 /CNW/ – Frontier Networks Inc., (Frontier) a leading Canadian provider of broadband, voice and colocation services for business’, today is announcing the formation of a special fund that unhappy Retail and Multi-site Broadband and Phone customers can use to buy out their vendor contracts. Details of the fund can be viewed at

In simple terms we pooled up some capital and built a launched a fund to help retail customers fire their current vendors and move to Frontier.

The idea was to offer Canadian business customers with access to a fund so that if you are in a contract with a vendor and you want out you can access a fund with a pool of capital that we have earmarked for exactly this purpose.

It really is a win-win. Why buy a competitor when you can just buy our competitor’s customer contract out? It really is a clean use of our capital and it puts the control in the hand of the customer on which vendor they would like to work with without the aggravation of a penalty or risk.

So a year later the results are in. We parted with a little over $ 186,000 for this purpose. The fund is still running. Let’s double that over the next 24 months!

Frontier Networks Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and provides Broadband Internet or MPLS, Voice lines or Cloud PBX (a replacement to old phone systems), cloud servers and colocation to Canadian Retail and Multi Site customers who demand world-wide coverage from a ‘new’ network. “we like to do traditional things in a non-traditional way”.  Frontier has built a network that connects to other networks. Think of them like a large ‘backbone’ of interconnected networks. They connect to every phone company, cable company, wireless and hydro/utelco in Canada and the US through a series of well-connected Points of Presence (POPs). Simply put ‘we don’t suck’.

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