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Toll Fraud. Imagine opening up this bill.

By June 13, 2016 Voip

This would be one of those oh sh*t moments in business. You receive a bill from your phone company. It is not a joke. You have 30 days to pay it. If you don’t you will be subject to a compounding interest rate between 30 – 50 percent (annualized).

While you fight it you consider that you also run the risk of having your phone lines, internet, 800 service ‘shut off’ for non-payment.

It happens.

This post is not so much about how to prevent toll-fraud. Your phone system provider has one job. It is to keep this from happening.

What we think may be of interest is to see how we track and prevent this type of thing from happening.

How Do People make Money from Toll Fraud?

Like all technology scams, people commit toll fraud because it is anonymous, profitable, and scalable.

What is alarming is toll fraud is typically driven not by end users looking to save a buck but actual for profit corporations that are looking for ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ routes to sell their long distance traffic.

There are low cost providers of Phone Cards or discount International long distance providers who purchase heavily discounted toll routes. One of the ways to sell heavily discounted routes is to ‘steal’ them.

Pretty horrifying.

What do we do to protect both of us (us and you) against it?

From our perspective toll fraud is very difficult to detect. This is due to the fact that the traffic appears to be authentically originating from the company’s users with the source IP, user account, user ID, and password all matching the company’s records.

The tools that we have give us the ability to monitor for the presence of toll fraud by scanning for ‘atypical’ call activity, and the imposition of limitations to minimize the damage that can be done. We won’t go into specifics for security reasons but the following is a quick and dirty list.

We alert when channel exceed your ‘typical’ usage patterns
We alert on thresholds when a cost per minute in a high calling area is called
We alert on ‘abnormal’ spending for long distance
We alert on ‘unusual’ country prefixes

With our service if you call El Salvador your first call with pass. By the third you will see action. Remember, when compromised this happens quickly we / you need to react at the same rate of speed.

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