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An update on our #Untelco Broadband and Voice Fund #telco #business

By October 23, 2014 Broadband

On October 3rd, we launched our Untelco Fund.  The response has been pretty interesting. The conversation does change a bit when you position the ability to simply ‘walk’ from a bad contract or bad vendor relationship.

To date, we have funded a bit over $ 20,000 in cancellation fees with more coming in.

For those who have not seen this the fund details are located here:


The Untelco Fund is an investment vehicle with a simple mandate. We provide capital which is used to fund the buyout and cancellation of unwanted broadband, MPLS, Voice, Internet and Colocation contracts. This vehicle is available to business customers only and caters to Retail and Multi-site customers located in Canada.


Some connections are just terrible, others are expensive. Sometimes you just get (un)lucky and end up with both..

Vendors change over time. Acquisitions often create a lack of familiarity to the vendor you once knew especially when key staff leave. Even worse, the guys you called for support over the years leave and are often replaced with off shore out sourced international support. And unfortunately under the new guys, not all calls warrant a call back after 5pm (new rules suck)..

Compound this with vendor inflexibility, bad billing practices and outages and the idea of change becomes pretty attractive.


Old expensive phone lines on contract hold you back from potential savings and easier administration. There are many new VoIP vendors. Most don’t actually operate their own networks and pretty much all they have is a fancy website and the constant reassurances that “things will get better”. They usually don’t..

Voice over the Internet almost never works. What works well is Voice over Private Networking. You were sold one thing but delivered something else.


There are lots of people with lots of places that want to ‘manage’ your key IT assets and most intimate data files. Once you move in, over time rates rise sometimes by as much as 50% over the last 5 years. These contracts auto-renew – don’t let them and if they did – think about moving out..

If you are not in an established data centre – take advantage of ‘move in’ programs now – don’t wait for your contract to end.

Cloud Servers and Storage

Cloud servers and storage are a great idea. But when you look at your bills and realize that you are paying for memory, core utilization, bandwidth transfer in / out, storage, retrieval and CPU processing power the amounts are higher, much higher than usually anticipated – or budgeted.

And to make matters more interesting – rest well knowing that your data is now housed in some unknown data centre run by people you staff have never met in a subpoena happy state in the USA.