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It is not VoIP. It is VoPN.

VoIP is the New Voice

Our Voice over Private Network product is high definition, 100% reliable, with no latency or jitter.

What is the benefit of Frontier Networks VoIP (or… VOPN)?

If you don’t currently use VOIP for voice communication, then you are most certainly using the good old phone line (Packet-Switched Telephone Network or PSTN). On a PSTN line, you are paying for bandwidth and dedicated lines which are not being used. Long distance and International calls are much more expensive.

We call our Frontier voice solution VOPN (Voice Over Private Network.) By this, we leverage the efficiency of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with security and reliability of our private secure network. We also use the latest technology to offer high definition sound quality, with no jitter or latency.


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Keep Your Existing Telephone Numbers
Porting your phone numbers to Frontier is always free and you will always own your own number.
Simple Phone Pricing - Pay By The User
Phone service for $14.95 with all the features your users want. We even include the phone.
Add New Users Anytime - Quickly and Easily
Add users anytime you need them.
No Hidden Charges - Our Monthly Fee Is All Inclusive
Calls to our support centre are free. Period. No pesky Move Add and Change charges.

Our feature list.

3 Way Calling

Allows you to add a 3rd party to an active call

Call Forwarding

Redirect inbound calls to your extension to another extension or any number that can be dialed from a phone

Call Waiting

Allows for more than one concurrent call per phone handset

Inbound Caller ID

Displays the caller’s name and number if published

Outbound Caller ID

Display the individual extension owners name and number or have all extensions use the company or group related value

Simultaneous Ring

Call multiple devices at the same time

Voice Mail

Customized individual greetings for busy/no answer

Voicemail to Email

Sends a wave recording of the voicemail message to your email

Contact Centre Agent

Our Call Center software lets you monitor agent productivity, measure targets, conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with a simple easy to use interface.

Call Detail Reporting

See a log of all inbound and outbound calls

Flexible Voice Services

Access to our global footprint of SIP DIDs and high density Channels

Call Recording

Calls are recorded for download via a web portal

Extension Calling

Dial any extension from any extension (ie. 4 digit dialing) without incurring long distance

Hunt Groups

Ring multiple extensions sequentially

Line Presence on Side Car

Line presence on side car, see who is on the phone

Ring Groups

Ring multiple extensions simultaneously

No Charge Changes

We don’t charge for changes made to our calling platform

Learn more about our Voice Offering.

In under 4 Minutes:


Frontier Voice Cloud Pricing.

Voice Cloud PBX.

Service Details

  • Phone Service is billed monthly
  • Free phone included on a term
  • No charge installation
  • No charge changes and configurations changes to your service
  • Includes a new phone number, or a port of your existing number
  • 1-800 Calling is included (Inbound is billable at $ 0.01 per minute)
  • Non-blocking call control (3+ inbound call paths assigned to each phone)
  • Unlimited Canada Calling included
  • Unlimited USA Calling is an extra $ 5.00 per user per month
  • Outbound calling traffic is subject to our Fair Use Policy or FUP
  • Our service runs best when combined with a Frontier Networks Broadband service

Available Endpoints

Telephone - Frontier Networks
Grand Stream

Frontier Voice Cloud Pricing.

SIP Trunking for your legacy PBX.

Service Details

  • Billed monthly
  • Inbound (origination) call paths
  • Termination (outbound) call paths
  • 800 Inbound (origination) call path can be the same path
  • Local and National calling area included
  • Ideal for ‘diverse’ trunk channels to existing legacy digital voice channels
  • Delivered native via SIP or a SIP Analogue / Digital Voice Gateway
  • Trunk traffic is subject to our Fair Use Policy or FUP

Burstable Trunks:

  • SIP “Burstable” Bi-directional Channels
  • Billing is “only” on 95% utilized paths of trunks only. LD  billing is extra

Register our Voice Cloud to one (or more) of our Private Access Nodes.

SIP Trunking for your legacy PBX.

Frontier Networks Voice Cloud Canadian Access Nodes.


151 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario


530 Kipling,
Toronto, Ontario


555 West Hasting St.,
Vancouver, British Columbia,


5562 Sackville Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia


167 Lombard Ave,
Winnipeg, Manitoba


1825 Lorne Street,
Regina, Saskatchewan


17204-114 Avenue North West,
Edmonton, Alberta

Frontier Networks Voice Cloud United States Access Nodes.

New York

111 8th Ave, New York,
New York


2001 6th Ave.
Seattle, Washington

Frontier Networks Voice Cloud International Access Nodes.

London UK

2 Buckingham Ave Slough
(London), England
United Kingdom


201 Kent Street,
Sydney, Australia


(Coming Soon)
The Netherlands

MPLS vs. Internet?

Both work but MPLS is better.

Voice Access Methods

Frontier Networks has a high availability Internet and MPLS network that can be used to provide private and dedicated access to our voice cloud.

We offer the following service speeds and access types:

10 Gig Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

1 Gig Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

100 Mbps Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

10 Mbps Fibre Optic Access (MPLS or Internet)

Single and Bonded Copper VDSL (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Coaxial / Docsis Business Cable Access (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Point to Point Wireless (Up to 100 mbps – MPLS or Internet)

Cellular Data 4G (Best for failover – MPLS or Internet)

A satisfied client is just the beginning. We aim to truly astound.

Your voice services are less money per year than the cost of just the maintenance of our Shortel and the cost of the phone lines.

ControllerIndustrial Supply

Frontier was a good replacement to our previous Voice provider. They relied entirely on Voice delivery over the Internet. It was "ok" but we where looking for great.

IT ManagerSoftware

We really wanted to work with "one vendor" for all of our needs. We like having one company to call, one phone number or email to know for all our support needs. Frontier is fast and responsive and has never let us down.

Franchise OwnerQuick Service Restaurant

Frontier's offer was perfect for us. You are our provider for Broadband services nationally. Your Voice Cloud works well for us and we have a higher level of flexibility than working with our large network of phone support vendors.

CTONational Retailer

Adding a user is nothing more than a phone call or support ticket. It is so simple and easy to work with Frontier. Your service is amazing.


We recommend Frontier to all of our clients. You guys never let us down. Your flexibility after the sale is most helpful and appreciated. Customer needs change and you guys are highly adaptable and very well priced.

Account ManagerTech Services

Frontier came recommended to us from a YPO member who realized the depth of difficulties that we were having with our current vendor. Outages and finger pointing were holding us back. You guys came in and cleaned it up. The previous VoIP and Broadband provider was blaming our internal IT but in the end Frontier identified that the problem was systemic of a bad provider relationship and the wrong network.

CFOTransportation Company

Frontier was an easy decision for us. You came recommended to us. We were evaluating the purchase of a premise based phone system from the usual choices out there including an upgrade of our existing phone system (which is now bankrupt, again). Frontier's per user price provided us with an 'all in one' price point that was simple to understand two years later is still the same price.

PresidentFinance Industry

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