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The vulnerability of most enterprise networks is terrifying #tech #business

By November 4, 2014 Broadband

The vulnerability of most enterprise networks is terrifying. For years, we have used the plain old Internet to connect our branch offices and remote-teleworkers. Today, many are using the Internet to deliver phone lines.

Safe to say that the traditional ‘use case’ of the Internet in a business has multiplied – but – when most consider their security precautions (Firewalls, VPN tools and the people and products that they use) most realize that they have not really stepped up all that much.

There is a new breed of vendor out there who talk about network security. In effect, they are here to add another ‘layer’ on-top of the existing network layer.

The simple reality is that by ‘piling up’ boxes you effectively decrease security and potentially ad failure points to your network.

Many of the service providers or telco’s in the market, to counteracttack their weak geographic coverage points, tend to use the open Internet as a way to connect sites. They then bring these sites back into their network and present them back to their customers as a ‘pseudo’ private network.

What do we do different?

Our MPLS provides an inherently private network that is logically separated from other traffic via MPLS labels – which does not require additional encryption. You are of course free to add some level of encryption for the more security conscious out there – but you really don’t need to.

MPLS state-of-the-art technology allows your business to build high performance private networks for linking just a few locations in one city or larger site-to-site networks across the country. Radiant’s private networking safeguards critical information sharing – point-of-sale transactions (POS), inventory records, design files, payroll – between your multiple sites while providing your staff with Internet access without compromising security policies.

An MPLS Network is a completely private network, inside of which a business can exert full control and enforce its own policies. Security is assured while still providing the flexibility to easily manage access to and from the network.

Our network does a few things well:

  • We have a national, highly redundant, private un-congested backbone
  •  Your sites are delivered via our MPLS private network which will logically separately your private traffic from the public Internet
  • We ensure that you will always have the flexibility to choose your own IP numbering scheme within our IP private network
  • Everything is meshed – meaning each of your sites can easily communicate to each other vs. the traditional ‘hub and spoke’ way of doing everything
  • You can colocate equipment or critical servers in our data centres – which will give you access to the entire backbone of your MPLS network. It will also allow you have your applications ‘hosted’ right on the back-bone of the Internet