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We have patents!

By July 15, 2017 General

We are kind of a big deal. We have patents. We don’t tend to talk about them too much.

We also have Open Source Contributions.

What is the difference?

What is a Patent

This would be where a government authority (in our case Canada and the USA) or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. That would be the official definition.

In Frontier friendly language it means that we developed something that was technically different and allowed us to separate ourselves from our competitors commercially. It allows us the opportunity and right to defend our work and make sure that if anyone uses it that we would have rights to their profits.

Some of our patents:

Publication number         US20050190898 A1
Application number         US 10/788,249

Publication number         US20020169836 A1
Application number         US 09/825,412

Publication number         US20020059138 A1
Application number         US 09/987,040

Publication number         CA2343520 A1
Application number         CA 2343520


So far we sound all corporate and unapproachable. We have more actually no charge and free to use contributions to various GNUs as well.

Why Contribute to the open source?

Many employers are leery of permitting open-source contributions. We are ok with it. We believe that it is beneficial to all users to work together to build, develop, enhance and troubleshoot. Think of it as a way of ‘crowdsourcing’ your development. In this case, we become part of the ‘crowd’. An important part.

Our contributions include application server updates and contributions for real-time communication, WebRTC, telecommunications, video and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). We have done this under various licenses including the Mozilla Public License (MPL). Our most recent documented work was with Sofia-SIP – an open-source SIP user agent library.

What does this mean?

In the grand scheme not much. Or a lot. It fundamentally means we really know what we are doing. We have spent a ton of time worrying both about feature and functionality but the majority of our work centres around improvements and efficiency in fail-over or disaster recovery (server cluster fails) etc.

It to us points out our commercial contributions as well as our interest to advance not just our technology but also others. We provide the Open Source contributions at no charge. Inversely we receive updates and improvements by others which allow all of us (including you) to benefit as a user of our systems.


Frontier Networks Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and provides Broadband Internet or MPLS, Voice lines or Cloud PBX (a replacement to old phone systems), cloud servers and colocation to Canadian Retail and Multi Site customers who demand world-wide coverage from a ‘new’ network. “We like to do traditional things in a non-traditional way”.  Frontier has built a network that connects to other networks. Think of them like a large ‘backbone’ of interconnected networks. They connect to every phone company, cable company, wireless and hydro/utelco in Canada and the US through a series of well-connected Points of Presence (POPs). Simply put ‘we don’t suck’.

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